BLOOM London Dry Gin is distilled at the G&J Distillery in the North-West of England, where they have been producing gins of outstanding quality since 1761.

During its 250-year history, only seven Master Distillers have fulfilled the role which is now carried out by Joanne Moore, one of the world’s first female Master Distillers, and internationally revered expert in the gin industry.

Drawing on inspiration from nature, Bloom’s three main botanicals are chamomile, honeysuckle and pomelo. They are carefully blended to create a distinctively delicate, fresh and floral gin, with a touch of sweetness and a smooth finish.

Bloom’s Dry Gin will be our gin of the month, served with tonic for just £4.50. We’ll also have Bloom’s Jasmine & Rose Gin, along with their Gin Liqueurs; Lemon & Elderflower and Strawberry.